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1 month zero order

HI. i started my first gig month ago and until now 0 orders any helping tips?

and views also to low about 32 view

I can see only one gig u r providing!
try some more gigs
and as u mention u r a designer, make some gigs for logo making, not only arabic some other modern and classic style, if you able to design! trust me it works,
i am here for only last 2 weeks, already made $200, and 15+ orders on my list

I think you need more gigs too. I do not think there is a high demand for what you are offering, people aren’t searching for it. Maybe you need better keywords. If you have 2 years worth of design experience, why not add another gig for design. And why not add another gig with just regular calligraphy and leave out the arabic part in one of the gigs to make it more desirable to more people. In order to get views and then sales, you have to think of something that is marketable to the users who use Fiverr.

I think your profile needs a little bit of work also. Leave out that you are a new seller, just be confident in your experience and design and state your interest in Calligraphy. Also, please learn how to use punctuation and proper use of capitals, which only belong at the beginning of a sentence except for proper nouns :slight_smile:

Maybe more like this:

Hi. I am a designer from Egypt. I have years of experience in design making xxxx, xxxxxx and xxxxxx. I love calligraphy and use that in my designs to get the best results and want to take my designs to the next level. Feel free to contact me any time.

hi I have join fiverr since April and no orders yet, am I doing something wrong I don’t know if my keywords is correct…

please help

Reply to @carolina_mateus: I will ty

Reply to @sincere18: thanks alot for helping i will do it