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1 Network 2 Fiverr Accounts (2 Device) , is it possible?

me and my friend we want to use fiverr in one network, is it possible?

Hello, look e. g. in this forum thread I´ll link below, you can also use the forum search function top right, for questions that probably have been asked and answered already.

i ask for to ip address but 1 network

But if both computers are on the same network, they will share an IP address won’t they?

A network with different IP addresses for each of your two different devices?

If it´s similar IP addresses like I get a different IP address from my provider often, because it´s dynamic IPs, then maybe it´s better to tell Customer Support, I´m not sure if it would trigger something if the IPs aren´t the same, but close, if you´re on some remote network with your friend and your IPs are really different, I don´t think it would be a problem, though, if you want to be on the safe side, ask Customer Support anyhow, nobody here on the forum can give you an absolution note, we´re just forum users like you. :slight_smile:


Thanks for your comment miiila

i don’t know about it…