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1 Order done & this is enough sell to Fiverr

Hi there,
I’m a Professional Graphics Designer and T Shirt Design Expert. I delivered my first Order with five star review 6 days ago. So is this enough sell? Because after my first Order i didn’t any response from buyers. What’s wrong with me?
Please give some advise…


Be patient and keep working. You will be a success.


Thank you Dear…


You are welcome :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Stay online and be patient. Don’t edit your gig. Best of luck

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Yes! I’m trying so much. Thank you.


Good day, you just said don’t edit gig.
Is there any reason so I can learn.
I’ve changed mine twice already, new gig photo and description

I have to disagree. You should edit and try your best to improve your gig as much as possible in the first stages, specially when you are not getting orders. Not getting orders is a sign that you need to make your gig more impressive and interesting and you can do that by editing it.

When should you avoid editing your gig? When you’re getting lots of orders and your gig has ranked on the first pages of the category. In this case, you should avoid editing your gig because any modification could change the ranking of your order.

I hope it’s clear :slight_smile:

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Yes! I understand what you mean. Thank you so much.
I check out your Profile. You are really an Expert and successfully seller on Fiverr.

Thank you for the kind words, but I’m not an expert! Haha. I only learned by reading some useful topics here on Fiverr and by other people’s experiences

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Go ahead. Best of luck

Just keep in trying, send more offer, eventually you will get more.

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Yes! I’m really working hard. Thank you so much.