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1$ per article?! Why do we have falling standards?

I have seen many offers in the “See Available Projects” area where buyers usually offer as low as 1$ per article? And I can see dozens of “writers” applying for those positions, only to work hard for nothing. Why do we have falling standards?

We should keep the Fiverr standard of 5$ and nip the “low-price” buyers in the bud. My tip to writers is to keep their prices standard. Or, we can debate about the price here and talk about the problem because Fiverr is going to become next typical freelancer website where “cheap” workers take over the true quality of those who are professionals.

You dont know why these sellers are doing it. May be they are doing it to get some reviews. Just do your own work perfectly and dont mind about them

Thanks for the comment esthernyambura. Prior to Fiverr, I was present on oDesk (now Upwork) where many writers would outbid others by putting the lowest price. In order to beat others, you have to lower your price so I eventually quit because it left me with lots of job and no money. The standards are set by those who offer the services and not by those who seek it. I fear that professional sellers can be degraded this way. Cheers!

I had the same experience on the site you mention. I stuck with it for three years and in July last year realized that I was making just half what I was the year previously. There are still a few good other sites where people are willing to pay for quality but Fiverr has somehow become my main earner recently.

I thought the lowest we could offer a gig for was $5?

I am lucky enough to be a Top Rated Seller so most people are willing to pay a lot more.

The lowest you can offer for a gig is $5, but you can demand five articles as one gig.

That is very cheap.

Extremely, because some buyers simply do not value intellectual work.

The people who typically reply to those are not writers and just copy stuff. There is a lot of that going on. The buyers just don’t realize it. It’s a shame as there are a ton of really talented honest writers on here.

Very cheap indeed. And then they come to the forum to complain about low quality.

That’s another issue, because some people just wish to earn the money without any creativity involved. Note to buyers: just check the reviews and you’ll have all the info!

You get what you pay for. It’s possible these folks are just trying to build a portfolio of reviews by working for pennies, or it’s possible that they live in a part of the world where the US dollar trades high against their local currency. Or, more likely, it’s possible that they’re spinning copy-pasted articles from elsewhere on the web, or inserting Cyrillic letters in place of Latin letters to fool to plagiarism detectors. Don’t worry about what other people are charging, because with the quality that they’re delivering, their buyers will learn first-hand what the higher-priced sellers are really worth.

I am completely agree with @indiepharm . I am in this field from last 7 year . I am writing articles for big company and doing Promotion and Link building work. But here people are giving 30k links 50 link in just 5$ ?? What the hell. People don’t know that only valuable links give boost to their website. How the hack people give that much links??

This is not the race to get review .

Reputation of SEO and a Author is decreasing . Some authors really do research and writing the article for their client. Client are comparing it with other cheap services .

If you are giving service it doesn’t mean that you go down to the earth to get review or earn.

=> I Believe in Quality Not in Quantity. Only Quality Matter .

When I joined Fiverr, I also joined ˝that other site˝ where people have to bid whatsoever. But I did not know how much I should bid and I am not willing to write (let´s say) a story or article of around 1000 words for $1, so after one week or so I just took off quietly. I would rather work for free for a rescue dog organization or other charity organization, than to work for some super stingy customers. I think Fiverr is a lot better than that other site because here at least people are free sell their gigs for a price that is NOT inhuman. The basic price is $5 but people can sell their gigs more than that. If some people sell their gigs lower than that (what I mean by this is, they sell 5 articles for $5 for instance), I am sure some buyers will still choose you for their own reasons. Not all buyers are attracted to super cheap price.

To be honest, I think it’s sellers who set the tone for such a cheap payment of their work. When they start their journey on Fiverr, they would do anything to get those first sales, without realizing they can hurt us by doing that. 50% of the buyers I’ve encountered here prefer low quality for less than good quality for a reasonable price. It sucks. I wish sellers will get into the right mindset. However, here also comes the difference of culture and how we value the money. In Romania $5 is really cheap, you can’t do much with them, maybe buy a soda and 2 bags of chips. However, there are regions where $5 is a lot. So I guess this is an influential factor too.

I just noticed a couple of those “$1” deals making this site look like a family dollar for writers. You can’t honestly expect an honest, researched, original and grammar free article for $1.

I’m new on Fiverr and I have a lot of jobs outside of this website and I will not stoop low to compete with the dollar general audience. I’ve been fortunate enough to get some great buyers that appreciate quality work. $5 is a very affordable price and anything less than 5 is asking for some dishonest “writer” spinning crap that doesn’t contain the natural verbiage humans speak with, LOL.

So far I like this sight and I will just over look the $1 people or the sellers advertising in the buyer’s section and do my own thing. Real clients that appreciate good work will always find the good writers that produce good work. Patience and you will get noticed by someone that understands quality.

Good day - Baddison :slight_smile:

I am also a writer and have seen these weird pricings when looking for available projects. As someone mentioned above, due to the high competitiveness in the early stages of one’s career on Fiverr, some may opt to offer their services at extremely low prices. Unfortunately, this is sometimes necessary.

But as far as I can tell, once you show you are a great seller and do your best in your jobs, your reviews start to shine for your visitors and some are even willing to pay two to five times the amount they were initially expecting to pay. I even had a client who, after I gave them the final quote, decided to pay $15 more because they thought I was charging too low - how I wish this happened with other buyers as well.

I believe this $1 per article is just because people must get started somehow. Though most of us would never write more than 100 words at those rates, some may be willing to. It happens, but I highly doubt this affects negatively the work of other sellers.

These are different target audiences. Those who want a cheap service usually don’t care about reputation and look for new sellers, whereas those who need more detailed work look for Level 1, 2 and TRS. This is what I feel, at least. They don’t mix and will never mix, so one is not “stealing” customers from the other.

That also has something to do with the country poeple are living in. i.e some part of the world where people can live with less income, while other part of the world cannot due to higher expenses etc. just because people are selling articles $1 don’t mean its a bad quality at all. I’ve purchased from a few sellers and it sure was no errors and was a top quality articles.


So I guess this is an influential factor too.

Well said, exact my words.

The problem is, though, most of the people who might be able to live with less income, and are selling articles for $1 (i.e., 5 articles for one $5 gig), are also sellers who don’t have a strong grasp on the English language. I would never hire anyone to write an article in English, who comes from a part of the world that does not speak English or – as is the case with most of those sellers – cannot demonstrate proper English.

It is on the BUYER to choose a good seller that has the skills to produce the service that they are trying to sell here on Fiverr. Buyers need to stop buying cheap gig services from sellers who cannot demonstrate that they have the skills to complete high-quality work.

There will always be unskilled people trying to sell skilled services here on Fiverr. But buyers have the power to stop them from being successful selling things they have no skills for. It’s a market economy. Buyers drive the market. Therefore, buyers drive the success of good and bad sellers.