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$1 Processing Fee

I ordered 5 gigs today alone. But, a few minutes ago, I made an order and noticed the processing fee jumped up from .50 to $1.

Was this announced? Did I miss this change somewhere.

It depends on the amount of the order. I guess if it was a $10 purchase the fee would be $1.00. That’s why I use my fiverr balance to order Gigs. there is no processing fee.

No, this was just a $5 order, and it was a $1 processing fee.

You are correct if it was a $10 gig, but it was just five. I just did not know about the change.

$1 for a $5 purchase?..I didn’t know that. I’ve only used my card twice, other than that I use from my balance.

This is indeed true. The processing fee for all orders below $20 has been raised by 50 cents to $1. This thread may prove useful as official confirmation:

There are many unscrupolous sellers in Fiverr. they cancel your order without reasons and Fiverr will not return you the processing fee. Fiverr is protecting their unscrupulous sellers and shorchange its buyers. I have a strong case that fiverr refuse to discuss.

If you place an order and pay with Fiverr credit (that’s what you got as a refund), Fiverr won’t charge you a processing fee.

Please stop spamming the forum with duplicate replies.

I understand your frustration but this isn’t going to change anything.

You can get in touch with customer service, there is no staff member here on the forum to read your complaints

Your “strong case” is flimsy, as you agreed to all this in the TOS when you signed up to the site. You could take it to an international court of law if you’re that confident, but let me save you a lot more than your processing fee: you will lose, and the judge may call you an idiot if they’re feeling sassy.

Sellers often cancel orders from argumentative angry difficult demanding buyers. You can’t force sellers to deal with you against their will.

One of the reasons for that processing fee it to discourage buyers who know they can get a full refund no matter how abusive they are.