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$1 processing fee

So every order has a $1 processing fee now, Fiverr really should become Sixerr. As a buyer it will make me cut back. Buyers should have an option to buy Fiverr credits all at once and get one processing fee. I cut back when it jumped up to $0.50 last year. I know when ordering $20+ gigs, those fees really add up, plus I like to tip the sellers when they do a great job. I’m just not a fan of this move to charge a $1 per order for “processing”.

Not sure why the word S.i.x.x.e.r. would be blocked/edited here? Just saying it is $6 per gig, not $5, so why not call the site S.i.x.x.e.r.

I’m not positive, but I think other companies have put trademarks on several words similar to Fiverr hoping to compete. Not all of them even have active sites, but if someone owns them and Fiverr is aware of it, they are autoblocked out. No big deal.

I can’t really say much about the processing fee, some people will find ways to manage it and others will cut back or move on. I wouldn’t mind seeing a way to store Fiverr credit either. If you want to see Fiverr staff response to the fee, here is one:

Lots of sites allow people to purchase site credits. I’ve had some refunds and used the Fiverr credits to purchase gigs with NO processing fee.

So you won’t allow me to deposit money into Fiverr AND you won’t give me my money on refunds/cancelled orders in cash?

What the heck?? Pick one or the other!