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1 Simple Noob reason for which you are loosing money on Fiverr


Although fiverr is a marketplace that sells packages worth $5, every seller knows that there are more money to be made from a single gig. Everyone knows that by using the extra section you can add dollar value to your gig. But from my experience i have found A major reason that is causing newbie freelancers to leave more money on the table. If you read my whole post i am sure you will realise this phenomenon as well.
When someone starts their career as a freelancer on fiverr, they are always thinking about getting more and more ratings on fiverr to boost their seller level. Thus they sell single $5 gigs to clients so that they can get more ratings from a single project. If you have ever bought anything on fiverr, you will understand that it is a bit difficult when you are buying too many stuff at once. Thing get more complicated when you have modification going on for several gig orders. Thus many clients feel disturbed when a seller divide a large project into many parts.
Fellow sellers, don’t do this. If you get good reviews fiverr will promote your gig and you will get more sellers. Concentrate more on your selling and providing a best service rather then getting more and more ratings. If you are newbie separating a single project to multiple parts will make things harder for you to manage as well. Thus i would suggest everyone to concentrate more on selling services while starting your career as a freelancer on fiverr.
Just starting? Have any question? comment below and i will answer as soon as possible.
To your success,
webandappdesign :slight_smile:


When I first started on Fiverr, I would sometimes break down a larger project into smaller chunks. More reviews, you get paid for each milestone (faster money into your bank), and it looks good to see a dashboard with 5 orders versus 1 :wink:


Yes but then again clients who are new might choose someone else to avoid such complication


Simple just make sure you deliver content good enough that the buyer doesn’t have to consider going to someone else.


You’ve made some good points here and I think that knowing how to successfully market your service or product… here, there or anywhere, is the key to making money. You can have the best product or service In the world and if people don’t know how to find you, you’re not gonna make any money… Just common sense. So, aside of providing a great service, I’m putting my attention on learning how to market… And I’ve got a lot of learning to do :wink:


I agree with you to an extent. From my short journey as a seller, I’ve seen that some buyers order multiple times - one by one - to ensure they get good service.
Experienced buyers combine the stuff for larger custom order.

In my opinion, it is better to figure out what works best for an individual buyer. Who can be a long term customer and who cannot. Customize your offer and don’t compromise on price and quality.


The thing is that, it’s very difficult to get first customer. Especially when the offered gigs ain’t so unique. Your gig will be buried under similar one as yours. Not to mention your profile has no review yet… any sane person will order from your competitors who already have established strong reviews.


That is completely incorrect.

I have seen people time and over complain about this BUT, Fiverr actually promotes new sellers gigs OVER others.

The rate at which I got orders as a Level 1 was MUCH higher than as Level 2 seller.

Fiverr does attempt to jump-start a new Seller’s profile. Dunno where people come from thinking they don’t otherwise. Isn’t it in FIVERR’S own interest to have incoming service offering folks to have a footing through the door for a more source of income for them??


I did some test for searching on my own gig tags with default filter (relevance) option set. Only those gigs which have reviews will come up on the top, following by ‘New Arrival’ gigs on the bottom. If the search result have so many pages, those new gigs will be placed on the last few page.


were you logged in at the time of this search?


Yes, I logged in. Perhaps that would make the different on the searching result?

Anyway, I am agree with OP not to low-balling the project in the shake of getting more customers. It won’t long lasting by doing that. Some works really take time and worth more than $5.


@webandappdesign I can’t agree at all.

I’ve been selling for years, and while I am slow since I do multiple forms of freelance work, I still commonly divide large projects into multiples. Now, I would agree that if you are working with a regular buyer and there is established trust, it can be best to create one large project that requires no longer than 30 days. With a new or occasional buyer, I would never do this.

If you spend a lot of time on a large project that may run $50 to hundreds and you don’t know the buyer well, things can go badly wrong on either side. The seller may find they’ve over-committed when things are already days to weeks along and then if there is a cancellation, the buyer is inconvenienced. if the buyer doesn’t like the way the project turns out, they can cancel at the end or file a PayPal chargeback and the seller loses a significant amount of time and funds.

It is far safer in these cases to work on a project step by step. It doesn’t have to be as small as $5 at a time once you are a leveled seller, but I rarely take on more than $50 worth of work in one order. I can understand where you are coming from, but I’m just offering the reasons that I don’t recommend large single orders for newer sellers or buyers.


It does not matter if you are logged in or not. When I had no sale I could not even find my poem gig. Now I have a sale it’s on the first page. Search up “personalized rhyming poem” and you’ll see it. The more specific you are to your gig, the earlier it will show up. And reviews DO help.


I never considered that sellers to this. If the buyer is okay with it, I see no harm. As long as the work is high quality.


Best of luck. More you learn, the more you’ll earn