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1 Star Rating But Awesome Review Bug [SOLVED]

The customer is a super good customer and we have worked on so many orders in past.
It’s just a bug. The customer would never give me less than 5 stars ever and you can read the review too.

Any suggestions? I would raise a concern to Fiverr Support soon but I am looking for any suggestions.

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Happened to me once. I posted about it here, you may want to read it.

Good luck!

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Just read it, so you contacted CS and they removed it. Should I contact them too? Because I am 100% sure that it’s done by a mistake or an error by Fiverr side.

I have to say I had nothing to lose at that very moment so I contacted CS asking them politely to check my case supported by screenshots of communication with buyer.

Yes, should I be in your situation, I would ask CS for help.


Yeah I would do that too. I know the customer from a long time and i am sure she would tell me the same thing that she gave me 5 star and it was then an error that it changed to 1 star. I am also sure that she gave me a rating through mobile and mobile version have so many problems, including this one.

UPDATE: December 25, 2020

The 1 Star is now successfully changed to 5 Stars. :blush: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

It took 1 week because the buyer was busy.