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1 star review after mutual decision to cancel

After multiple revisions, the buyer and I decided that I was not the right fit for the job and we should cancel the order. But instead of cancelling, he accepted the order and gave me a 1-star review. I texted him on his inbox but he didn’t reply.

What should I do to get that review to be removed? I am a new seller and only have 23 reviews. How will my ranking be affected after this review?

I don’t feel comfortable that I got that money, plus I have just started out and I feel like I messed up my chances to succeed. Please help!


you could never delete this review at all. This is your bad luck. But try to complete more order and get more reivew after the course of 60 days it would solved

Unfortunately there is nothing you can do.
I read the review and it didn’t sound unfair or anything, he simply left his honest opinion.
I can understand that you are upset especially if he said he will cancel, but I get the feeling perhaps in his mind it was more important to leave an honest review as a “warning” for future buyers.

As far as I can tell it seems like you are doing pretty good overall, I don’t think this
one negative review will do that much damage.

leave it ! go ahead
unhappy customers sometimes a source of learning.
fiverr cs won’t be able to remove the review. they have to obey their rules.