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1 star review Problem

Hello, I got a 1-star review. Now My profile has 4.7 stars and my gig have 4.2. That’s why I can not get a new order from anywhere else. Now, What should I do?
I’m a Level One seller and I have 31 reviews. I have 7 reviews in one gig which gigs get a 1-star review. Now, What should I do?
Can I delete my Gig?


You can delete it and make a new one but you should be careful with orders


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1star can really effect your id :slightly_smiling_face:

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You can delete your gig , but the problem. Is that most likely no one will want to buy from a no-star gig
At least you have 6 good reviews in your current gig


you can ask fiverr your to remove the review they might do that also you can tell him to offer a refund so it is removed by fiverr.

I think it will be very risky to do that . Review is something very sensitive on fiverr , and May get banned.
And I don’t think CS will remove reviews just because Seller want to remove

Hey folks, this is what we call terrible advice here on the forums :stuck_out_tongue:

Please do not send CS a ticket asking to have your review removed. Firstly because they’ll definitely say no, and secondly because any time you start meddling with reviews you risk a warning for feedback manipulation.

I’m really sorry you got a 1-star review. I personally hate how unforgiving the rating system can be and I’m not sure why you got a 1-star review but I know it sucks. Your best bet is to just roll with it, leave a professional and polite response to the review, and move on. If you have other 5-star reviews you may continue to get orders with time.


Thank you very much to Everyone

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I deleted my bad review gig.But Negative ( 1 star review still in my profile)

But now I deleted my bad review gig. But Negative (1-star review) still in my profile. And my profile has 4.7. I want to delete the bad review and back 5 stars in my profile.

@tohidul_pappu yep, the profile star won’t be removed even your gig is removed . The profile star is there forever. You can’t remove negative reviews

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It shows forever brother, try to focusing next order

What! I shouldn’t remove my gig. Because there was 7 review. I deleted this gig for not showing this review. One buyer destructive my profile.

@tohidul_pappu You should have listen to our advice , NOT delete your gig.
And that buyer didn’t destroy your profile , it’s you the seller.

Have you reflect yourself why the buyer gave you 1 star? Is it the buyer is really unreasonable or want to scam you ?

But that’s all common , that’s the life of freelancer , you are the boss of your business, all the communication and quality of work is up to you , the boss…
So take this as your lesson and wait patiently for your new order. As most likely no one will want to purchase a no-review gig. You need to start over again :confused:

Thanks.But I already removed my gig.Other brother and sister told me I should delete my gig that’s why I deleted my gig.


Don’t worry! You’ll get the hang of it soon enough

OMG! I can not find my gigs. Any gigs not show in fiverr

What happened? Show us

I searched my all gigs and I couldn’t saw any gigs. I think the buyer gave bad feedback in fiverr secret review system or report

Even I am confused at this point