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Hi everybody,

I have a free offer with my gig. I am promoting links, web pages, gig with 2000000+ Facebook members.

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Hi there,

Thank you for your offer. I’ll inform you if I’ll face technical issues.

My gig has already offer free 1 day promotion. I promote gig among 2 days or twice. The 2nd day promotion is free for you. Just placing an order you can get my free offer.

If you would like to purchase my gig, let me know.


Hi dear,

If you like to promote my gig with your 2000000+ real users, I will give FREE technical support for you (One time).

This can include in my job:

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Hi Odess85,

I’ll search your page on Facebook and promote it. Please place your order and inbox me for more information.


Thank you all for the great responses.


Thank you :slight_smile:

I love to promote your links with videos, photo etc. I have various types of Facebook groups such as online promotion (both product and services), music lovers, students/ undergraduates, executive people, social groups, friendship groups etc.

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Try once…

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Thank you for great responses and everyone who inbox me…

I really like to help you…

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