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1 to do! I did it, i did it!

I have 1 to do for a gig i corrected a few weeks ago. Any time i login to Fiverr it still shows i have 1 thing to do.

(Your gig requires modifications before it can go live). How do i fix this ?

The problem is for this gig

, the gig is active now but the bug is still there.

Any thoughts ?

Hi~ I can see your gig, therefore it is “live”, so getting that message is some sort of technical glitch. As far as I can tell, it does not seem to be affecting your gig. In other words, it looks like the order button is live and customers can buy it. If seeing that message bothers you, or you think it is affecting your gig, then contact Customer Support and see if they can remove the message.



I have the Same Problem but its for “Account setting” I have added the description but it just wont go ! , So i decided to live with it >_> Not impressed with all the bugs on fiverr. But its the site i visit the most so we have to just let it be…