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#1 Top Tip For All New Sellers

You want to start a career on Fiverr? Then take this super important tip to heart - or your Fiverr career could be over before it has even begun:

Do not spam other people.

It’s not allowed. (Also, as you’re already here, RTFabulousM. Read the Terms of Service of the site that you want to start a career and earn money on. That’s common sense, really. Also read the FAQ and other articles in the Help Center, they aren’t just there because Fiverr staff was bored.)

There’s a report button right next to your spam message/s. It’s not even work to report you. And trust me, your chances of getting reported are HIGH.

Do not spam other users of this platform. Fiverr might warn you, which will affect your account and chances to get orders, or right away ban you in some cases, if they are smart, because sadly, many spam messages prove that the spammer would be a scammer too, due to lack of skill in what they want to offer and get paid for.

If you need a catchy catchphrase to tell yourself whenever you’re tempted to send a spammy message, think of the motto of that wise ancient Greek goddess:
Just do not do it.

Thank you.

Yes, fellow forum folk, I know, I know, but maybe the clickbait title will work to attract some of them. My morning spam was sooooo annoying today PS: Don’t people anymore teach their children to say “Hello” in some way, shape, or form, when initiating contact with someone, not just but also when wanting someone’s help?


The clickbait goes hard on this one.


I know, thank you, did you read the blurred text? However, the title says it’s for new sellers, and it might help new sellers to stay sellers and not become ex-sellers before they even got their first order :slight_smile: The thing is that the people this post is aimed at probably only click titles like this.

Mods can move it to the ranting pot if they think it’s not okay. To turn it into an actual rant rather than a tip, I can add some things like how annoying it is to have to deal with all the spam, dropping response rate and time, abysmal conversion rate, …


I did, but I can’t say I see how this is a tip. I’m not quite sure what you define as spam, but from Fiverr’s policies basically messaging any buyer any time that isn’t in direct relation to their a query or an order they’ve bought is considered spam, even though they send e-mails weekly?

Anyway, I do think this is more a rant than it is a tip, spammers will be spammers I don’t think this will change that. :man_shrugging:



Also, contacting other sellers for any reason that’s not buying from them (to ask for help, advice, orders, offer your services…) is also spam. Even if it’s just one message.


I don’t know if you are lucky enough to not get spam from other sellers all the time, but judging from my inbox and many forum posts, there are tons of new sellers who are not aware at all of Fiverr’s policies, but might check the Tips for Sellers forum category, so I do consider it as an important tip to not spam (and read the ToS, and other material, to know as much as possible about the policies) and maybe save your account, so you even get the opportunity to read more seller tips and develop your business. Personally, I consider it a humorous tip (with convenient links to ToS and Help Center too), which maybe won’t but maybe will keep some new sellers from spamming, with a much higher probability than a rant would.

Anyway, I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree, but feel free to report the thread if it bothers you; if you choose the option “other”, you can suggest the mods move it to the Ranting Pot. If they agree, that’s okay, I trust their decision.


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I say let them learn :man_shrugging: It’s not as if they’re hidden and if they really cared enough they would’ve read them by now. My report button has gotten some fine use because of sellers spamming and I can’t say I’ve ever felt bad for any of them.


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Treat people like people and they will with you! Great stuff

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