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1 week on Fiverr and already met 2 nice people

Well, this is pretty cute. I’ve been lurking Fiverr for like MONTHS before deciding to open myself a GIG.

Well, I’ve met two sensational people, like seriously, when I’m seeing so much drama on YT or other forums about the buyers on Fiverr as being, you know %^#$ kind of thing.

I’ve been surprised when got two orders suddenly(I was expecting weeks before actually writing something due to the extraordinary number of GIGs)

My experience within 1 week? Absolutely GREAT!

I wish y’all the same!

That’s great to hear! I’ve personally had a mix of both and I had to wait. Honestly, even the YouTube-worthy drama is fun.

That’s very good to hear. Sometimes the forums just highlight the worst of a platform and you can gain the wrong impression. I’m glad that you have seen first hand how amazing the Fiverr community can be :slight_smile: