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"-1" What does this mean?

Hey guys,

I was checking my gig and saw this:

What does it mean?? I’ve never seen it before.

In my opinion there can be two reasons for this:
1- either it is a technical fault.
2- you have a running order that is in a dispute, and therefore they have mentioned -1 for orders in queue.

I don’t have any order in a dispute… I had 2 orders in queue but delivered the last one yesterday. I think it’s probably a bug? But I don’t have this in my other gigs.

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then I believe you should email to this to fiverr support. It is better to communicate it to them so that the bug is resolved as soon as possible

Yeah, I had a “-1” order too days ago. Probably a bug :slight_smile:

I have the same issue. It says “-1” but I have no idea what’s that for.

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Oh okay, so I suppose it’s a bug! Thank you guys!