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1 Year on Fiverr! Wooo


It’s been officially one year for me you guys! It honestly feels like yesterday I opened my account and got my first order. I still remember my first customer here lol.

It feels so good knowing I make 3x more money than I would working at a typical job, especially for being a college student. I have beautiful ratings, fantastic gigs, and the backup of a great Fiverr support team watching over me every step of the way.

Not only these, but the fact that I have time for full-time schooling, sports, and other activities that I do on the side makes it so much easier for me to live freely.

So thank you Fiverr for making my life ALOT more easier! My next goal is TRS *crosses fingers.

As for people who are starting off on Fiverr or need advice on making decent money every month here: think outside of the box! Be creative. Find something that you truly enjoy and are passionate about, and share your gift with other people.

Blessings to everyone!


You are an inspiration! May your success follow you all of your days :slight_smile:


Congratulations!! I’m very happy for you and wish you many more good orders!


Gr8, Congratulations!


That’s awesome, congrats!!





Thank you so much you guys! It means alot! xx


Congratulations :wink:


That’s awesome, congrats!!


wts wrong ?

i completed my first order with 100% satisfactory BUT who’s the next , i am waiting but theirs no sign of new order :frowning:


Reply to @billas: Hello sir,

please wait for it.

In the mean time try the ‘buyer request’ feature, create new gigs, review the active ones and also use your social networks to promote them.

I have seen many of your duplicate posts from you on this forum which are were not even related to the original post.

Please refrain from negative advertising.


Congratulations ma’am. =D>

Wish you all the very best with your sales.


Congrats! Best of luck with TRS, school, and everything else.


Congrats, and thanks for such a great motivation :), as I am new on fiverr.


Congratulations! And you’re the first fiverr seller I’ve ever ordered from…just this week. I’m excited to get my reading from you! :slight_smile:


Hey mystic_insight,


I am a new member of fiverr… I haven’t received any order yet. would you like to help me…

Thank you…!!




Congratulations from