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1 Years Vacation Mode Want to Back now


Greetings Fiverr ! i am member on fiverr since 2014 and from last 1 year i mostly used vacation mode or totaly pause all gigs, about month ago a old client send me message for work and i needed resume my gig for his purchase. then i realize i should back on fiverr again and resumed all my gigs , some gigs were outdated and some remain there. but i am not getting any views on gigs, what i should do ? its 4 days to resume them back but very few views should i wait for gigs to back on life or there any other way to do them?

thanks advance for your good suggestons.


You can’t just come back to Fiverr, and expect to be instantly successful again. Work on updating your gigs. Start a promotional or marketing campaign. Blog about your services. Figure out where your target customers are, and tell them about what you do.

You’ve been away for awhile. You’re going to have to work hard to get caught up again.

Four days is not a long time. Please be patient, and improve your gigs. If customers are looking for your services – in your updated gigs – then they will purchase from you. You can’t expect to have success given to you – you’re going to have to work for it.

Good luck.