$10.00 sign underneath my name, What is it?


Awhile back I was sent a notification telling me that I had earned $5.00 toward paying for a gig. I have tried to use it, but there is no explanation as to how to use it. Now, the green sign underneath says I have $10.00. Can someone please explain how to access it to pay for another gig. Thank you, distractedgrandma


It seems like you may have acquired credit which will be applicable towards your next purchase of a gig on Fiverr.

It should be applied automatically when you purchase a gig.


Hello distracted grandma :slight_smile:
Just wanted to add to clarify that you can only use it towards a gig that doesn´t cost more than the amount you need, you have to ‘use a single funding source’, see more here:


I wish Fiverr would give me money toward other Fiverr purchases :frowning: