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10,000 SOUNDCLOUD Plays. Say What?!

Yes, you read that right. We’ve amped up our service as we now over 10,000 SoundCloud Plays!

(It’s 10,000 now! :p)

What You’re Getting:

  • 10k REAL SoundCloud Plays, coming from various social networking sites and promotional vehicles. We have a multi-referral system which ensures that your PLAYS are premium quality. We have a healthy network which you can take advantage of!

  • This is more than what most are offering! But more than the VOLUME, I guarantee high quality plays that is perfect to jumpstart your SoundCloud profile and music career!

  • Boost your brand perception immediately! With more plays on your songs, more people who glance on your page will be CURIOUS and give you a listen. This could be your chance to go viral or get discovered.

    So what else are you waiting for? Order now! We also provide SoundCloud Downloads, which you can avail with Gig Extras!

    Hope to hear from you real soon!

    Best Wishes,

    New York Social