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Hello All,

I would like to encourage every single person who is a new seller on FIVERR looking to start getting buyers, to CHECK the FORUM FIRST.

Before creating discussion topics requesting help - Majority of your questions have already been answered… It only takes a little search, and you’re on your way to smiling ear to ear when those little lights popup signalling New Orders and Messages.

I have taken the liberty to root out some of the Best Links I stumbled across in this Forum that are packed with priceless information on what exactly can start helping those orders to roll in as if you were a Top Rated Seller.


Some Top Rated Information to Get Your Gig on Top from Scratch

Seller Start Up Basics

How to Create and Promote your gigs

Aid to attracting buyers

Three simple principles to become a great seller!

Handling Orders

Answers to some common questions

Happy Selling To All & Stay Positive!


Sheriff’s Note: There are some great links in this post and we highly encourage you to read them. Do note that some are older posts and there may have been minor changes since the time they were started. Happy selling!

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Thanks Alot, this really helped out!!

Very informative! follow these tips and you will be successful indeed.

thank you

What awesome tips you have delivered!

Thank you for the priceless job you did for we new sellers on this platform

There’s some great stuff here. Thank you!

thanks, am a new seller and no order yet. i hope this helps

Sorry, some of the links are not opening while some opens to just a review

thankuuuu :slight_smile:

Blah blah, this website is completely for unskilled losers and hookers, why even bother to selling your skills and efforts for $5 or maybe if you got luck $10.

I am not sure what your issue is. There are many talented and succesful sellers here. You seem to be very frustrated not be making any sales.

I made several hundred dollars from 3 recent custom gigs (1 with a tip in case that’s cheating to you) so if that makes me an unskilled loser, it’s a pretty good job! I made less as a “skilled winner” sitting in dumb meetings at my last “real job” So, cool, thanks for the kudos! I hope you get paid well for posting random angry comments. :slight_smile:

@annai80 After looking at the gig, his or her marketing might need some unskilled loser help. New, but a starting price of $75. No buyer will risk that.

Back to @texturemantm, when starting out, find some small 10 minute tasks you can do for $4 and get your first 50 sales. You’ll make at least $20 an hour even after withdraw fees and get some reputation. After level 2 you might start getting orders for $50 per gig on a strong medium package, but you’ll still need a low priced starter package of $5-10.

A few Super Sellers with thousands of reviews might have a starter package at $75 or more and even they offer deals or lower prices to gain new buyers at times. Your gig isn’t the worst but your strategy isn’t workable.

Thank you for your tips!

All the links you have posted are mostly under review and some are totally blank. What is the point of posting such topics?

These weren’t like this when the post was created. New forum formatting may have altered the real links. Thanks for mentioning it. The OP cannot edit since there is a time limit on edits, but the forum team can check and repair the issues.

Thanks for the tips

Very helpful resource for every person. Thanks

I really appreciate this.
Am seomaster, i just create gigs 2days ago but have not getting any sales.
This will really help me.