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Noticed this as well… .Can the information placed in those prior articles be restored for viewing whenever they are accessed by anyone?


If you’ve only been here on Fiverr for two days, then you will need to be patient. Success does not happen overnight. For many people, if can take weeks or months before their gigs start to gain steady sales, and rise up in the rankings.

Fiverr is not a get-rich-quick website. It requires consistent and determined hard work. If you’re not willing to do that work, you aren’t likely to find sales or success here. Treat your gigs like a business, and they will be kind to you in return.


200% agree with @jonbass :slight_smile:


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You might be right but there are other sites that start with at least $10 per project.
Check it out


Hi all friends I’m new seller please tips me Thank for all


thanks this will really help out.


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I really appreciate. Fiverr is not a get rich quick as you said. I hope to get to level one before a month on fiverr.
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I have gotten great views on my gigs but no sale yet… Can anyone here please review my gigs and tell me how I should improve it.


I am a new seller. Thank you so much to give tips to create a professional gig. Its helps my first gig.


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I agree with you.


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@Texturemantm I have just started here… My avg selling GIG is $18… The price depend on your quality… Initially you have to sacrifice on 5 or 10 but sales do increase… Do not make yourself loser by expecting rain of $ $ $ on our head here… It is a place for hardworking and talented people…