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10 days after I hiked my rates

So after being pressured for months and months, I FINALLY raised my prices from 10$ for 300 words to 30$ for 300 words. At first, I was worried because I thought that if I raised my prices, I was going to not get hired by any clients at all.

Boy, was I wrong.

Within 7 days, I got 3 clients. 1 wanting a 1000 word article, and 2 wanting a 500-word article. Meaning 2000 words for 200$. I am excited, as this means that I can work less, and still get paid well. Meaning that I am getting paid more of what I am worth, as compared to keeping my rates low to get more clients.

As I have told someone before, I would rather get 200$ from 3 clients, than 200$ from 13 clients.

So don’t be afraid to increase your rates. It can give you more time to focus on quality as well as work on other projects.


I did exactly this. For a long time my sales have been ok, but the work was deteriorating for me, especially when I was getting the indepth gigs - boy those drained me alot.

I was hesitant about hiking up the prices of my indepth gigs. I spoke to my dad and he said not to - but I’ve been in this business for a while. When you find a good Psychic, you stick with them. They are difficult to find. It is not easy to run around paying for different Psychics and getting crap answers. I work very hard, have a legit business with great reviews, I felt it was time to hike up my prices.

I did this about a month ago - this is the SECOND highest paying month I’ve had this year. I don’t regret it one bit.


Well this is an interesting post for the ones like me that in the near future would like to increase at least a little bit the prices and are trying to find motivation to do it.

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Me too, raised my gig price two weeks back and sales are still unaffected. So doubled the income for same amount of work. My gigs were under priced since I created, but did not raised price even after getting regular sales thinking editing gig may caused bad effect (disappear or no sales) but few days back Fiverr made a category change and my gig extras disappeared. So eventually unwillingly I edited gig and it turn out in a good way for me.

Important update : Surprisingly today I received an order with my old price :roll_eyes:. Price which is not available anywhere on my gig page. Interestingly I do not send any custom offer to the buyer previously.
I’ve contacted CS let’s see what they say.
Is this possible for buyers to place an order from their old saved gigs?

Final update :slight_smile: CS found that buyer placed order month back but submitted order requirements
today so order started with old price.


congratulations and Best of luck!

Yeah, to think I started out selling 500 words for 5$, and now I sell 300 words for 30$. If I can do it, so can everyone else :slight_smile: You should not have to worry about not getting charged what you are worth


I did the same thing, I paid my dues on $5 voice overs. I do find the clients are professional businesses now mainly. And much nicer to deal with. I’m thinking of raising them again.

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