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10 days for buyer's review


Hey all!

I am reading some topics here witch says that even with the auto job given as completed after 3 days, buyers still can come back months later and make their review. Please correct me if I’m wrong!

So, this is a little weird since a seller depends on it and a for life review is out of sense!

We do our job, deliver and if the buyer let it be accepted without reviewing, we consider it as a job done.

Anyway, there must be a maximum time beyond the usual 3 days for review.

We don’t offer gigs that needs more than 30 days to show it’s results. We don’t offer for life ensurance!

Study Case: You develop a Flash app and one month from now, Adobe changes some flash functionalities witch makes this app not functional…So, the buyer comes back here and gives the seller a negative review more than 30 days later…

Do you think this is correct? If not, please consider.


The maximum amount of time a buyer has to leave a review.


Thank you @djgodknows!
I saw other fellows posts talking about revisions made months later…

So, 30 maximum?! Great!!!