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10 Job completed! but still, I struggle for the job

Hello everyone,
Hope all of you are fine.
I just completed my 10th job with 5 stars rating as a freelance architect at Fiverr. It was an amazing journey for me. But the last 10 days I didn’t get any new job. Is it normal? how can I get more orders?
Thanks in advance.


That’s great you have completed 10 orders.

Don’t panic if you are not getting the orders, just communicate your older clients, and upsell them, check the competiton if you need to change some decsription.

If you are getting impressions and not getting clicks then work on your GIG image.

If getting clicks but no orders, then you need to work on your GIG description.

I hope this lil help will help you.


Thanks a lot. I am getting clicks and impressions but no order.