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10 Jobs That Didn’t Exist 10 Years Ago

In case you haven’t heard… Fiverr’s turning 10! A lot has changed over the past 10 years — the birth of the iPad, the death of Vine, and the rise of memes, just to name a few. Technology has no doubt played a part in shaping the job market. So to celebrate our 10th anniversary, we thought it’d be fitting to take a look back and see how far we’ve come. Check out the infographic below that spotlights 10 different jobs that didn’t exist a decade ago.

Question for everyone here. 10 years from now what jobs do you think will exist, that don’t exist now?

  • Moon Base Designer?
  • 3D Food Printer Recipe Chef?
  • 16k Video Editor?
  • Hologram Greeting Card Actor?
  • Superhero Publicist?
  • Skynet Drone Programer?

Get creative in the comments!

We also wanted to call out the Top 20 sellers, in no particular order, by number of Gigs, in the categories showcased in the infographic:

Drone Video Editor

Alexa Skill Builder

Snapchat Editor

eSports Game Coach

Tinder Profile Writer

TikTok Marketing & Ads Manager

Cryptocurrency Exchange Dev

Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality App Dev

4k Video Producer/Creator/Animator

Twitch Overlay Designer


Host of an award show for AI authors.

Programmer of Fiverr staff.


It won’t be a job for many people by then I think.

Probably. Though they may not call it that. It probably exists already but there probably won’t be that many jobs for it. Once they have the recipes the won’t need to keep making many more. The machines will be making the food. Also the AIs could create the recipes.

We don’t really see people asking for 8K video editing really yet (on Fiverr anyway). Even though there’s 8K TVs out. We probably won’t see conventional TVs at 16K - there’s probably no real benefit for them above 10K - unless it just makes scaling from lower resolutions better (eg. from 8K/4K/1080p etc.) or has other benefits (eg. auto-stereoscopic 3D). Probably frame rates for video/TV will get higher before TV resolution goes beyond 8K/10K.

Possibly but actors might not be needed if it’s CGI.

If they’re AI type drones they may not need to be programmed/much programming, or at least by humans. They may learn a lot by themselves :slight_smile: Maybe it’s cheaper to do it in a simulation before uploading it to the drone.


No offense, but I think Fiverr will come to regret being known as the place to go to get your cryptocurrency investment website built for $50… :thinking:

The same applies to arbitrage trading bots. Arbitrage trading only works when you have multiple accounts for exchanges based in several different geographic areas. These days reputable exchanges prohibit overseas users from creating accounts in order to comply with AML laws.

Successful arbitrage trading is, therefore, very difficult, and usually involves shirking the TOS of several exchanges and trading platforms.

Door to door salespeople for AI implants, get out of debt now crypto loans, and brain uploadable college degrees.


Hmmm …

  • Virtual Identity Synchronizer (they’ll go through all splinters of your virtual ID for you and synchronize it to your most current virtual identity/image, including updating embarrassing forum comments from 10 years ago)
  • Fake Gramma/Gramps (you pay them to teach your kids what sheep and cows are and things like that, because their real gramma and gramps never met one themselves, also they don’t have time for such things because they’ll all be gig workers and can’t ever retire)
  • Mobile Donation Terminal Programmer & Maintenance Worker (nobody will have any cash by then, so the people who play guitar and sculpt dogs from sand and sell homeless people magazines and so on will need to accept donations via cards)
  • MSports Coach (coaches for people who practice sports on Mars)
  • Drone Lawyer (highly specialized lawyer for all the bad that might come from all the droning)
  • Acronymyst (someone who knows all the acronyms and can tell you what they mean in your case with as little as possible context)

Probably more jobs around self driving cars and other vehicles (maintenance, improving them and related stuff). More jobs around training the different types of AIs (eg. software) and improving them/fixing them and robots. Maybe more jobs around advanced devices that don’t exist today (eg. hologram/3D type stuff). Maybe more advanced stuff around 3d printing (eg. buildings or other things like flood defence things).


Uber Bodies
This is an Uber for people who have physically died but have had their brain digitised. Uber Bodies can hire themselves out and give their body to the digitised brain so the “dead” person can go and enjoy having a body again for a while.
A wonderful way to experience the world in a different way as a different race, gender, ugly/beautiful person to what you were.


Ohhkkk.,…Amazed to see the new services being offered by the sellers. Surprised to see that there are services like Tinder profile writer and tiktok marketing managers. I was not aware of these services before but sellers must bring something new and creative to get identified at the freelance platforms. I trhnk these listed sellers are successful in delivering something new. Amazing!


thanks and grate post @mjensen415


Interesting that many of these have to do with apps. 10 years from now…hm…I am going to say people to work on some technology were people and computers are singular. Where AI is embedded right into humans from chips to pills that do things for the body to other enhancements.


10 years from now:

Permanent IDs that don’t expire with profile images that update automatically/manually at the owners discretion. Possibly some Ghost in the Shell type stuff like: partial to full-body prosthetics and the ability to connect to the internet on the go for free. Advanced cybersecurity monitors (24/7); I know this is up and coming so hoping the ante is upped as breach reports are getting to be a bit much.


Hi. every year job markets change from now in the next 10 year most prominent will drone operator and programmer .it will new hype for the job market.20 year before everyone wants to astronaut but now everyone wants to be bloggers or entrepreneur.


10 years is a very long time, i believe after 10 years the job will be related automations & AI. Depends on people interest. Or we can see a content writing job will beat them all. Who Knows… :slightly_smiling_face:

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" ** 4k Video Producer/Creator/Animator**"

This is not new… Video and animation have existed for a long time, and if you count every single new standard resolution or video style as a new job, then there are hundreds of new jobs constantly being created in this field alone.

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Probably a lot of sustainable energy technician related careers

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