10 New Year's Resolutions for Sellers - Pick the Ones for You


This is a list of things that I have seen Sellers do that they should really make a conscious decision to stop doing in 2016.

In no particular order:

  1. I resolve to stop demanding that I should get orders - If you are not getting orders, there is probably a reason that is something to do with you, your gig, your pictures, your text etc. It is not a conspiracy, nor is it anything to do with Fiverr/Buyers/The World being against you.

  2. I resolve to stop posting in Buyer Request section - It is a section where Buyers request people to do their gig. IT IS NOT a place where you request Buyers to order your gig. Simple.

  3. I resolve to stop complaining about Fiverr fees - If you don’t like it, go somewhere else. You pay 20% of your sales to Fiverr, that’s it. You pay nothing up front, you have no membership fees etc. If you think you can get better value elsewhere then go, you will be welcome to come back when you realize how good you have it here.

  4. I resolve to not copy other peoples gigs - If you cannot create a gig without copying from someone else then you are in the wrong business. You simply have to tell people what you do, if you can’t explain that, how can people buy from you?

  5. I resolve to stop using stock images/fake pictures - In profile pictures, in portfolios etc, it is obvious when a picture is a stock image, you are fooling no-one. If you use other’s work in your portfolio you are simply not a nice person.

  6. I resolve to stop needlessly complaining about CS - CS, from my experience are hardworking and helpful people. A situation may not be resolved to your liking, get over it. Whining about it will not help, trying to ensure the situation does not happen again will help.

  7. I resolve to not expect every Buyer to be nice - Some people are not nice people, some Buyers have had bad experiences, some Buyers have had a bad day. It is part of being in business to have to deal with people who are less than polite. How, and whether, you deal with them is up to you but don’t be surprised that they are out there.

  8. I resolve to stop spamming - Don’t send offers to people who have not asked for them. Don’t post links to your gigs in the Forum, except in the “My Fiverr Gigs” section. Anything else is spam and it gives a bad impression of you being desperate for sales.

  9. I resolve to stop offering gigs that I can’t actually deliver - Just because you have seen someone make money with a gig, it doesn’t mean you should try doing that gig. Do the work that you are good at and not the gig you think will make most money. If you are good at something, you will make money from it.

  10. I resolve to stop offering more than my gig delivers - If your service will not change the world then don’t say that it will. Doing so makes buyers unhappy and will lead to cancellations, complaints and ultimately bad reviews. Deliver value for money and 99% of your sales will be good experiences for both you and the Buyer.

Happy New Year - may 2016 be a great year for you.

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Excellent points…you are the Master Yoda of this forum, seriously :slight_smile:


Your comment, appreciate, I do :smiley:


Here’s one more thing you may want to add: Be happy with whatever you make on Fiverr. Don’t have any expectations. Give it your best shot, but don’t depend ONLY on Fiverr for a living. A freelancer’s life is very uncertain. Save whatever you make on Fiverr, don’t start spending just because you’ve made some money. Remember - nothing is permanent. Treat both success (making money) and failure (not making money) with equanimity. Just try to keep yourself busy, and do whatever work you get to your best ability - don’t worry too much about making money. Never complain, never cry, no matter what happens. Take it like a warrior, whatever fate throws at you. All the best!


As a great man once said…

It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll,
I am the master of my fate,
I am the captain of my soul.


Nice one buddy like your straight forward talking style(here writting)


Very nice read! Need to post this up by my computer when I’m working to keep these points in mind. Some of them are so easy to forget at times.


It’s the best way to go on a Forum I think!


I also think so


I am new to Fiverr, anyway Thanks your tips :slight_smile:


I go with 1, 7, and 10. I don’t have anything to do with the rest. When there’s no order on queue i read and watch some premium videos, or work on my offline business.


Love it! I get so annoyed with sellers doing most of that. I look at other peoples gigs to see what they are doing differently if they are a top seller for insight, but I never offer a gig that I cannot do. Great points!! :slight_smile:


It’s amazing how much time people put into complaining about their lack or work or about buyers etc. If they focus that time on generating sales or delivering outstanding quality they probably wouldn’t have those issues!


No 7. I resolve to not expect every Buyer to be nice!! I had my first ever non-five star review today, and I had to remember that :).


Great post!
I must admit, mine is #3. I thought I was over this a looooong time ago, and 99% of the time
I am OK with the 20% fee. Every now and then I will get an offer for $100, and then I get 20% taken away. I twitch a little, then move on. When asked for a quote, I try to keep that 20% in mind, as a result my quote get a bit higher than what the buyer was hoping to pay for and I end up not getting the gig. In other cases the buyer has no problem with my price.
I guess I tend to have a somewhat negative reaction when I get big orders,
but as you mentioned there are no membership fees, the whole platform was already
provided by Fiverr so I can’t complain. :stuck_out_tongue: Overall my Fiverr experiences have been great.

Sadly for #4 though, I’m sure I’ll be seeing plenty of those again this year!
I lost count on how many times I had to report stolen gigs.
Sometimes I go to CS directly, in other cases I message the fake sellers first…their reactions
are amazing/unbelievable each time. I can write a book about this someday! :smiley:


What else can i say? @eoinfinnegan and @writer99025 have provided great tips and advice.

First, I agree that i should not expect every Buyer to be nice… Yesterday i over delivered an order hoping that the client will be more happy. Yes, he was happy,but guess what, he left A 4.5 review and mentioned that he indeed mentioned that he was happy with my work. I expected to get a 5 stars review from this client… but no worries…

Thank You for this @writer99025
don’t depend ONLY on Fiverr for a living. A freelancer’s life is very uncertain. Save whatever you make on Fiverr, don’t start spending just because you’ve made some money. Remember – nothing is permanent.
thanks guys


Not many to add to last year’s list except I would love people to stop posting complaints about sellers posting in Buyer Request - its been done…


appreciates this comment too and likes it

edit: I need to keep in mind that the nesting is gone and post accordingly



Add to your number 7 comment that unspamming BR you must resolve you must.

I pick #6. And add that some are nice, just have no time to show it :wink:


This is especially true for the period in which a PayPal charge back can happen…