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10 offers left today

Hello, I keep seeing this every day but I haven’t actually seen any offer to bid on. I am new at selling and I haven’t seen any offers on my dashboard. Can someone explain where to find those offers? Thanks!


Open 7 gigs. Put one gig in other.


Please clarify. Not sure what you mean.


Yes, Base On Offer
If You Want To Know Maybe You Have Buyer Request, Go To Chrome Extension On Your PC And Install Fiverr Quick View, Set It Up And Put Your Fiverr Name There And It Will Ask You To Fill Some Other Things, So You Will Need To Click Save At The Button-Down. So When Ever You Have Buyer Request It Will Popup For You And Open In New Tab Itself.


And Less I Forget, Don’t Put Any Of Your Gig Subcategory In Others Because You Will Be Seeing Offer Request That You Can’t Do And Deliver Successfully, Make Sure You Use Right Category And Sub Category For All Your Gig, And Remember If You Want To Get Real Sales, Don’t Have More Than 4-5 Gig On Your Fiverr Account If You Are O Level Seller, But If You Are Level One Seller You Can Have Like 7 Gig On Your Account.

I Hope This Will Help You.

10 offers left today refers to “buyers requests” section. I assume your buyers requests page is blank and you can’t see anything to bid on, because you are a new seller. Complete some orders and you will see offers in the “buyers requests” page.
Anyway, you could also read Fiverr’s ToS, so you’ll get more information about the process of selling.
Best of luck!

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Great! Excellent information. I will follow up. Thanks so much

Thanks for your reply but I believe I need to first bid and be awarded an order. I can only complete an order if I have successfully bid on one. But hopefully I will soon understand how this system works.

You can get orders thanks to buyers requests page and, most importantly, through the organic traffic. You can accomplish that using relevant tags and keywords in your gigs’ description, putting on some catchy images and videos that describe your services.
Then your gig will be visible to buyers and you will get a rank - from the bottom page to the first, perhaps!
You can also get accustumed reading articles in this forum, like:

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Good !!!
I will try the google extension.

Thanks a bunch friend!! gonna try

PS: but that’s not free