10 On Page SEO Elements to NEVER Forget!

  1. Keyword Research and Selection – Think like your visitors – You are optimizing for the keywords potential visitors associate with the information you are offering. Remember, if you are a newer site; be sure you focus your efforts on the Long-Tailed Keyword search terms. Use the Google Keyword Suggestion Tool

  2. Optimize Keywords in URL – Prior to publishing your page for readers, make sure your URL is optimized for search engines. Just as it makes sense to fill your web page with keywords relevant to the topic you are writing about, you should name the file after your main keyword phrase. for your keyword research.

  3. Optimize Keywords in Title Tag – The title tag is possibly your most important consideration when trying to raise your search-engine rankings for a particular keyword or keyword phrase. Fill in a catchy,descriptive title along with your keyword or phrase, using less than 60 characters.

  4. Optimize Keywords in Description Meta Tag – You should optimize each and every meta description tag on your web site; don’t exceed 160 characters, and place your keyword or keyword phrases as close to the beginning of your description as possible; just make sure your description sounds natural.

  5. Optimize Keywords in Heading Tags – h1, h2, h3 tags – The headline for the article you write is crucial… it’s around 90 percent of the reason anyone will read your article. Create a headline that will raise the curiosity of the reader enough to pull them in immediately, while clearly explaining the content. Use the other heading tags, h2, h3 etc. to apply significance to topics and be sure to include keywords or keyword phrases with-in all the heading tags if possible. Remember to use the h1 tag one time for your article!

  6. Optimize Keywords in Anchor Text – Create related linkable wording to be used as a hyperlink to navigate to outside sources, and the internal linking structure within your site. Checkto make sure your links aren’t broken, and that they go to the page intended.

  7. Optimize Your Keyword Density – While strategically placing your keywords or phrases in the beginning and end of your article, avoid keyword stuffing and make sure you sprinkle a few variations (Semantically Related Keywords) of your keyword or phrase throughout your article where it looks natural and makes sense. Include Keyword Prominence and Proximity. If you recall, Prominence is how close to the beginning of your sentence the keyword or phrase is placed, and Proximity is how close multiple word, keyword phrases are to each other in a sentence… these two steps will help set yourself apart from your competition.

  8. Text Modifiers to Emphasize Your Keywords – Use the Bold/Strong and italic/emphasis tags for your targeted term or keyword phrase. Bold and italicize your keyword or phrase at least one time each.

  9. Optimize Image ALT tag - Optimize image file names and Alt attributes for all images. Name the images with dash-separated keywords, and fill out the alt attribute with a short descriptive phrase about the image to include your keyword or keyword phrase. Use your main keyword or phrase only one time… if you use more than one image, don’t repeat the keyword phrase, find an alternate.

  10. Proof Read – Avoid poor: grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalization and sentence structure! The search-engine spiders are aware that clumsy sentences and poor grammar are displeasing to human readers; therefore, your grammar should be of the highest caliber.

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