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I just want to tell the new sellers that your growth will be exponential if you work honestly with full dedication.
I heard of freelancing from too many people. So in the lockdown time, I searched for top freelancing sites that left me impressed about Fiverr. I just created some gigs.
It took around 15 days to get first order. I was happily delivered that work and his feedback gave me more motivation to continue with it.
Fast forward to now, I am getting messages from people on a daily basis. Some agree for deal some do not.

I still have a long path to go.
you can have look at my profile and provide the honest feedback:slight_smile :slight_smile:


One of your gig is violating Fiverr TOS… Fiverr do not accept helping students with academic works…

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nice :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

Can u please specify which gig is violation the Fiverr t&c ?
I have choosen the topics that are already most popular and there are a lot gigs of that type.

It seems like your first gig is helping with academic work which is against terms of service. If Fiverr picks up on this, you can get removed from the platform, that is what the first comment is reffering to. I understand that many people do this here, but they eventually get removed.

Yes, your best selling gig “Maths assignment” is against Fiverr TOS, if Fiverr eventually notice you are helping students with academic works or helping them academically, it might get you a ban, warning or removal of your gig from the market. Forget about others doing it, because Fiverr will eventually notice and all your long time investment and hard work on the gig will be a waste. If you can modify your gig to another service, it is fine.


Good idea​:blush::blush:Wanna More Ideas From you.

Wow! Keep it up. Best wishes

I changed the title of the gig but url of that gig still contains the previous title. is this still violating the t&c ? is there any other solution such that I don’t have to delete this gig and can continue help the students with maths queries.

Great achievement , best of luck

Congratulations,keep it up…

Congrats Keep going…

Congratulations,keep it up…

@srs_devlpr congratulations and I respect how you accept feedback too!

WOW Congratulation Go Ahead

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Congrats how much have you earned so far ?

congrats to that
please check out my gigs below and give feedback thanks’

Well done, great post! :slight_smile:

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Congratulations,keep it up…

how ? We can’t find any kind of clint :neutral_face: