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10 pages website for $5 anyone interested


Hi i am offering 10 pages website for USD 5.

  1. It will be hosted on my domain if you don’t have your own.
  2. It will be hosted on your own domain name and server if you have.
  3. URL will be pinged to 1539 search directories(link will be provided for verification)
  4. All banner and image related works will be done by me if you don’t have your own.
  5. You must provide Text for pages.

    Check Examples and buy here :-


@ shawnecannon and @arnevb Thanks a lot for your suggestions mates!!


if you are a seller viewing this thread …could you please suggest me some tricks to get some buyers…as i am offering a big service at $5…i know developing 10 pages website costs $500…but i just want to learn what exactly customers want for my future web development company…so i want to learn about customer satisfaction.i am open for unlimited revision . i just want to learn.It’s not about what i gave for $5 but it’s all about what i gain +$5


Wow amazing gig. I am a graphic designer and i know how much websites can run in price so this is well worth it. Just promote promote promote. Social media sites is a big thing Facebook twitter etc


How long will the post be hosted for?

^ A question I would ask


@caiterz…for lifetime…i’ll host it on your server whenever you have your own.



Just finished one right now with satisfaction of buyer…