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$10 redeemer :(

So I got an offer to spend $50 on gigs and get a $10 redeemer. Spent well over the $50 and it said I had until today to use the $10 redeemer, but they already pulled it. No customer support… I leave tips for the sellers on here and to feel screwed over stinks :frowning:

I’m sorry to hear what happened to you. By “no customer support”, do you mean you filed a report and haven’t heard back from them? If that’s the case, give them a bit more time. It’s a limited department and sometimes they’re extremely busy. You can respond to the email you got after sending them a report, and ask for an approximate time frame for their answer, but don’t file a new report; it only adds to the workload and slows them down even more.

Hope they can resolve this for you~

Thanks celticmoon. I can’t even find where to file a report? I love Fiverr and appreciate all the cool and nice sellers on here, just don’t want something simple to leave a bad taste. I just can’t find anywhere to contact them or file a report.