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100 000 fans


Hi everyone

The Fiverr Facebook page is soon about to reach 100 000 fans.

To celebrate, we want to create an album with some art by our talented community.

The theme is ‘100 000 fans, 100 000 thank you’s’.

You can draw/photograph or sing anything that you like in your unique style.

You can be as artistic as you like really.

The images chosen will be posted across Fiverr’s social channels, with links back to your Gig page.

Images need to be 851 pixels wide and 315 pixels tall.

If you are interested in participating, send you image to - no later than Tuesday 17th December.

Thanks a lot and good luck!


Reply to @jmanuc: Yes, can we see? I didn’t see any on Facebook. @smudged?


Reply to @madmoo: Can’t wait. It has become a tradition!


Sounds interesting.


8-} I’m thinking…


Just sent mine :slight_smile: Congrats FIVERR on this achievement!


Cool, I’ll sketch somthing :smiley:

Where do I send you the image?


Reply to @placebo101: Oh nevermind about that question


@kjblynx, @madmoo, @placebo101, @idostuff4u and @pandee - We just hit 100, 000 fans. Posts going up tomorrow, so send in your images if you still want to participate (and we hope that you do) :slight_smile:


Reply to @madmoo: Sure, will wait for you! :slight_smile:


Sent something I hope I made the deadline :slight_smile:


how do you get your gig on facebook. now it is an open site but they do not like you to post which is strange so why do they not make it a close site where only fiverr admin post.

Really what we need is a place for the community where you can promote your fiverr gigs and talk about fiverr and offer advice.


I tried adding something and got told for it to appear on the Facebook page I would have to send an email to customer services first unless I went to the wrong Facebook account


Reply to @in2town: if you want your gig to be featured. They ask that you email to community (at)

Good luck!


Just seems strange why the Facebook page is open but they do not want you to post, would love for them to explain this


Awww didn’t see this post until now


That’s awesome


Thank you for the update!


where can we see whos art got chosen??