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100 Fiverr Gig Ideas


The most difficult part of being a freelances at times is knowing what services to offer. I have written this post to help you guys get the Best Fiverr Gig Ideas That Generates Revenue.

  1. Write Presentations
  2. Design Presentations
  3. Design/Enhance Logo
  4. Design/Enhance Business Card
  5. Design Book Cover
  6. Create Book Cover Mock Ups
  7. Design DVD Cover
  8. Design Album Art/Cover
  9. Convert 2d To 3D
  10. Mock Up Designs
  11. Remove Background From Pictures
  12. Do Photo Manipulation
  13. Do Photo Retouching
  14. Remove Wrinkles From Photos
  15. Re-size Images
  16. Add Effects Into Photos
  17. Convert Photos To Digital Work Of Art
  18. Fix Damaged Images
  19. Covert Photo To Cartoon
  20. Convert Photo To Digital Sketch
  21. Design Facebook/Twitter/YouTube Covers
  22. Design Headers and Banners For Websites
  23. Design Flyers and Brochures
  24. Design Websites i.e WordPress, HTML, CSS ,Joomla etc
  25. Design Email Templates
  26. Design Infographics
  27. Design Manuals
  28. Design & Format Ebooks
  29. Design CV
  30. Design T shirts
  31. Design Corporate Identity
  32. Design Icons
  33. Design Birthday Card
  34. Design 3D Model Of Anything
  35. Design Badges
  36. Make Video Testimonials
  37. Make Product Review Videos
  38. Make Video Tutorials
  39. Shoot Commercials
  40. Make Music Video
  41. Make Fake Prank Videos
  42. Make Green Screen Videos
  43. Make Explainer Videos
  44. Make Puppet Videos
  45. Make Animated Videos
  46. Make Animated Sales Video
  47. Make Intros For YouTube Channels
  48. Make Whiteboard Animations
  49. Edit Video For Others
  50. Make Stop Motion Videos
  51. Convert Videos From One Format To Other
  52. Sing A Song
  53. Create A Jingle
  54. Sing Birthday Wishes
  55. Compose Music
  56. Arrange Band To Record Music
  57. Compose Beats
  58. Compose A Hip Hop Beat
  59. Compose Background Music For Game
  60. Compose Song
  61. Give Music To Song
  62. Sing Commercial
  63. Add Sound Effects
  64. Record Voice Mails
  65. Sing Energetic Edit / Make Changes To Web Page
  66. Develop A Complete Website
  67. Create WordPress Themes
  68. Remove Errors From WordPress Theme
  69. Install WordPress
  70. Trouble Shoot WordPress Plugins
  71. Provide Security To WordPress
  72. Convert PSD To HTML
  73. Convert PSD To WordPress Theme
  74. Customize WordPress Theme
  75. SEO Optimize Webpages
  76. Develop Databases
  77. Create Online Stores
  78. Migrate Site From One Server To Another
  79. Provide Hosting
  80. Write Article
  81. Write Blog post
  82. Write Stories
  83. Write Songs
  84. Write Commercials
  85. Write About Us Page For Websites
  86. Write CV’s
  87. Write Press Releases
  88. Write Legal Documents
  89. Write Essay
  90. Write Description For Products
  91. Write Guest Posts On Other Blogs
  92. Provide Copywriting Services
  93. Write Speeches
  94. Write Tagline or Slogan
  95. Suggest Website/Brand Names
  96. Provide Transcripts For Audio/Video
  97. Write Scripts
  98. Write Dialogues
  99. Write Adverts
  100. Do research

Final Verdict :-
There is lot of opportunity to earn from Fiverr,there are all sort of Buyers on Fiverr, Do what you want to do, Be creative, try to help others, only offer what you can 100% do otherwise you will get bad ratings or even order cancellation.