(100% FIX) Submit botton not working


Hi everyone. Some sellers are facing such an issue when they verify their phone number, after entering the correct otp, submit button is not going green.

I have a 100% working solution for this problem.:grinning:

First, download Grammarly keyboard from play store on your mobile (it is also available for iPhone users)

(Clear all data, cookies and browser history of your chrome)
Then, go to chrome web browser (incognito mode) on mobile (only on mobile). Use the desktop version.

Log in to your Fiverr account. Now type your verification otp (4-digit code) by Grammarly keyboard only.

When you type the first digit, you will automatically move to next box to enter next digit.

After entering all four digit, submit button will be green (100%) try this right now!

And let me know, is it worked for you, however Iโ€™m 100% sureโ€‹:joy::joy::joy: