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100% impossible to be 100% on everything, NEW System idea

Just frustrated, the closest I have been to having 100% on everything was like 100% on time 100% response rate 98% completion and a 5.0 rating.

I still can’t understand for the life of my why a canceled order, which is mutually canceled counts against me? What is the logic behind this? Why when someone orders by mistake am I then penalized for this? When someone orders something for WAY under the pricing it should be and they don’t want to pay more, why am I penalized for this? What is the drawback for Fiverr for letting two parties agree on mutually canceling an order and NOT having it count against either of us? Because of this backwards rule I have been forced a few times to do orders for WAY less then they are worth so I don’t get a cancellation, or I have been forced to not cancel and just deliver an order, just to get a 1 star rating because I didn’t cancel.

The very least Fiverr could do would be in institute the following, would fix everything wrong with the rating system, I am a top rated seller and I have thought about this WAY more then a normal person should… lol

New system:

Evaluation period is still monthly.

If you fail to meet the standards after a month, you are put into a review status where you have 1 month to bring your numbers back into the required percentage.

If you fail to do so, you would then lose your level if you are level 0-2.

If a Top Rated seller loses their ranking this would then go under a manual review process to see if there are any extreme circumstances that could have placed the seller in this position, it should be manually reviewed because to become a top rated seller that is also manual and not automatic.

I struggle with cancellations more than anything, I’m usually above 95% but even 95% sucks because I should be at 100% most of my cancellations are mutual and because someone ordered by mistake, or ordered the wrong thing. The thing that sucks the most is as my pricing goes up, my number of orders drop making each cancellation mean more, if I get 100 orders in a month and 10 people cancel, there goes my top rated status.

Just had that idea and wanted to share it, I truly love being apart of Fiverr, I just wish this was addressed as stuff like this shouldn’t penalize good graphic designers on the site.


I have one order about to cancelled because he order something which I not offer. Now I asking will he change his mind to do something which I offered, now waiting his reply. I hate being in this situation which is extremely stupid.

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