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100 photos professional background removal


Please check out my first ever gig and give an 18 year old a chance!

I will remove background, put your photo into another background, or put it in a solid color background!

Thanks for reading this!

1 month and still no first sale

Awesome sample pics!

I’m taking photos for my website in a couple weeks.
So… I’ll need background removal work done.

I’ve favorited :heart: your gig. Looking forward to working with you.


Clarification, please.

Your gig says: I will background remove 50 photos within 4 hours for $5.
The forum post says: 100 photos professional background removal.

However, I just looked at your gig packages and they are all different.

Which is it? As a buyer, I want to know exactly what I’ll be getting for my buck; without having to think twice about it.


I have checked your gig. I just want to share my opinion. This is a kind opinion. It will be better if you use more complex background removal samples. :slight_smile: So buyers think that “wow how this guy remove this background” :slight_smile:


sorry for the long reply due to holidays,

I would love to be working with you @nikavoice. I’m so sorry for the confusion on my gig.

I did change some parts of it due to people suggesting on how should I post my gigs and such. So if you’re still interested on my gig, feel free to place an order or contact me :slight_smile:


I will start posting new gigs soon too after the holidays, so be a lookout once in a while :slight_smile: