100% Rating And We Stay At A Level 2


This level thing is a joke!

We are in the green for every stat and they keep us at a level 2. Last month we fell from one green stat we had an 89% and needed a 90% and they dropped us to a level 1. HAHAHAHAHA!

Now we are at 100% in every stat and 95% & 97% in 2 stats and we get an email saying we are staying at a level 2.


We worked extra hard to get 100% on every stat and it means nothing, but fall on 1 stat and its a demotion.

O, well… Not sure how we can get better then a 100% on all stats. with 97% and 96% on 2 stats. Hahahahah Maybe we need to get every single stat at 100%. So why not just say a top rated level is for gigs that sell 100 sales. We are at 3k sales.!!!

Junk it!


The TRS seller level is 100% manual. It is entirely up to Fiverr whether they want to award a Level 2 seller with a promotion to TRS. It is also their right to choose not to award a promotion to that level.

No seller deserves a TRS promotion, they are awarded it – if Fiverr feels that the seller has earned it.


Its takes time to get next level :slight_smile:
be patience.


Something doesn’t add up.



it certainly dosent add up had 4 orders got them all out in 2 days early watched progress go to 89 then down to 88 with no orders after then jump to 89, now 90 with another order lets see if I get one of my levels back lol


As someone who got TRS recently, I can safely say from experience that there is not much stock put in the stats once they are over the 90%. I got TRS when my stats were in their “worst” state. After 2 months of quite close to all 100%, in March I was down on cancellations and on-time delivery and got TRS.

To be honest, if getting TRS was just about achieving those arbitrary stats then the title wouldn’t be worth much. The manual part of the assessment presumably takes in a lot more but I have no idea why I got it one month and not the previous two. All I can say is that at no point did I see TRS as a goal, rather, I focused on building up my business in terms of good service, high earnings, higher average sales, and especially, gaining regular clients who now make up a large % of my earnings.

If I was Fiverr, I would focus on those who deliver and maintain regular clients but that’s just my 2 5 cents.

Edit: I tell a lie - before Christmas, I was aiming to get to TRS but after the first evaluation I decided it really wasnt as important to me as the other things about my business.


Having long term regular clients probably is a large part of it. I’m sure there is a metric that fiverr can see for that.