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100% rating, but I still struggle to sell my gigs

It is actually very frustrating at times that even after being committed to the work and after getting excellent reviews and a 100% rating, I still find it very difficult to sell my gigs.

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maybe you need to spice things up a little bit. best of luck!

Hey, I’m in that boat as well. A lot of top sellers said the main problem was my descriptions and my bio. Try to keep everything clear and professional. Easier said then done, but yeah. Also, make your Gig more business oriented will help get you regular customers. The best kind. Hope your business picks up, I’m sure others will see you are worth while!

I have edited them so many times, but it still doesn’t get me anywhere :S Thank you for the advice though :slight_smile:

Hi~ Here are my opinions of your gigs.

Your article gig is very nice, and the description is adequate. (1 or 2 minor typos) You might want to address how, or if, you’ll include tag words and SEO content, which are the main reasons people buy articles. You don’t mention this at all.

Same with your comments gig: described well, nicely written. The problem may be that this doesn’t seem to be a more popular type of gig in the writing category.

The photo-editing gig…I think you’re reaching out to young buyers, but by focusing on one target group, you’ll cause others to go right past you. Professionals generally don’t respond well to the cute text lingo you use in that description (“Hey peeps”). I understand that you want to show this is a “fun” gig, but you don’t want to cut off potential buyers, either. Another suggestion for this gig: show “before” and “after” photos. In the description, you can point out how the changes can effect the entire character of the photo (something like this"By softening the edges and changing the contrast, see how I can bring a romantic feel to your photo, perfect for sending messages to your loved one")

App/website evaluation gig: I’ve seen other gigs like this which also offer technical reports. I don’t know if this isn’t something you know how to do, but if not, you might want to learn, or consider eliminating because most evaluation gigs offer more than yours.

Blog post gig: basically, I have the same critique as your article-writing gig: no mention of SEO-enhancement or tag word inclusion. The primary reason customers buy content-writing gigs is to help with search-engine placement and to help bring in traffic, so you’ve got to keep these things in mind.

I hope you’ve also read some of the many good posts in the forums aimed at helping us promote our gigs and make sales. You’ve got to do your own self-promotion, too.

Good luck~

Wow! Thank you so much for this. I truly appreciate your response! This has been the far most helpful piece of advice I have ever gotten. Yes I will make all the necessary edits accordingly.