100% rating so far, I have a whole range of great gigs that are all delivered with top quality work


Hi everyone I’m Ben , aka fractalmoon here on fiverr (and other places)

I’m a musician , jewellery maker and I also run a non-profits campaign blog here in the UK which receives attention from all kinds of journalists and media people.

I’m currently out of work so really trying to deliver some gigs here on fiverr. Most of it has been blogging work and I’v got 100% ratings because I’v delivered quality work…and after being level one I’m getting more experienced at the blog writing also. Everything has great quality time and effort put it and I also have banner space available.

I’m hoping to create also some more creative gigs involving both my acoustic music and also my psychedelic trance stuff which I hope people will really like.

I’ll write down all the things I can do here or click on my gig page at http://fiverr.com/fractalmoon

  1. I write quality blog articles up to 500 words and there’s also the possibility under gig extra’s to get it put on my blog or/and send over facebook to real genuine facebook friends with a few thousand on one of my profiles.

    Everyone has been chuffed with the articles I’v done for them so far :slight_smile:


  2. I can do pretty much any UK accent for audio in whatever personality style you wish and you get so much more material than hiring people only offering a few words. You have to pay extra if you want a video because it’s lengthy to do a long video and upload it hence why people usually provide a shorter service.

    The website address days 2 minutes but I will do 200 words no matter what timing it takes, for $5 gig extra I do 500 words instead of 200 also.


  3. I’l send your messages out to pages on facebook that are linked with your chosen catergory. This won’t be spamming useless sites this will be me finding appropriate facebook pages to post your link to. I also make every post genuine and seem personal. Some people offer you hundreds because they have useless general lists whilst I offer you 10 links at the minimum posted out to relevant pages that I will research from your chosen targets.

    Doing a propper job at it often takes longer than people think.


  4. I can post your banner on my non-profits campaign page, this will be at a sponsor page on the site with it’s own tab on the top bar. The banners go up for a month or if you would like the banner somewhere more inside the story of the blog then I have prime space available under my 45-minute film , see gig extra’s. I can also produce the banner myself for just $5. http://fiverr.com/fractalmoon/post-your-banner-advertisement-or-feature-a-paragraph-about-you-on-my-high-profile-blog-which-is-featured-on-tv-and-radio

  5. I run a handmade beads business also and there’s the opportunity to have your banner on some fantastic prime pages such as order pages and popular blog posts fome one months for just $5. No orders yet (from article date) and it comes with a guarantee that ever banner order gets placed on a different page instead of all under one so your banner has more chance of getting seen. There’s also the chance to get 4 banners all on different pages for the price of 3 and again I can design the banner myself. Like all gig’s it also has the option of a fast delivery.


  6. I’ll write a new blog post on my personal blog on a great subject and specifically place up to 4 banners on each post meaning greater chance of exposure. I wait for 4 orders (you can order all at once even so only you are advertising, or your own very large banner) and I will try to write something that touches slightly on the subject of what you promote. http://fiverr.com/fractalmoon/place-your-banner-or-a-short-paragraph-on-my-general-blog-for-one-month

  7. I’ll manually ‘spin’ an article up to 3 times so that you can post it out different places and it remains unique content to google. Unlike ‘spin’ programs that often just change a word or two and can often make mistakes , I will rewrite your article in the same structure and style just with quality interpretations instead.More extra’s also availble.


  8. I’l send you heaps and heaps (and I really do mean heaps) of music articles from professional music teachers on digital music production for just $5. Seriously this will keep you busy for months on end if your into making music.

    There’s also the opportunity for heaps of samples to be sent to you under gig extra’s and choice of fast service for musicians keen to get cracking at it.


  9. I do accept tips for the quality work and effort I put into your work. I do spend quality time on all gigs and never deliver a rushed poor service and it would be really nice and a lot less stressful to be able to earn a living wage from the time I put into serving the best gigs. It also enables me to take a break once in a while from fiverr gigs and concentrate on my campaign which raises awareness of and challenges how the gambling industry in the UK are sleeping in bed with the government and how now we have betting shops everywhere. Unfortunately everything is a million times harder when your skint so I am extremely grateful for any tips that come my way for helping me do the best I can for the world we live in.


    If you’v read this far then good on you and thanks, maybe this post is a little too long to promote my gigs and I should have gone for the ‘marketed’ way perhaps, but no, sod it…at least you know what your getting.

    Have a great day , best wishes and have a great day.

    Now go and listen to some Bob Marley :wink:


Yeah I am listening now…

The music?

One love…be alrigth

You know it man!


Cheers to you both…can’t help the old waffling ay…gotta give it to em with soul ay


Thanks OBG :slight_smile: