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100 Reviews and 160+ orders in 4 Month



First of All I would like to Say thanks to Allah Almighty for Blessing me. :blush:

2nd Thanks to Fiverr Team and Management for providing such a great Platform to outsource my skills.

From the Month of November 24th I started Work on it and completed 160+ Orders until now.

I wish You all have great Success and bright Future with Fiverr. :blush:


Don’t forget to thank yourself, because without you, nothing is possible, Keep that in mind.



God bless, congrats. I am struggling even after several attempts. @sufwaan074


BIG CONGRATS TO YOU @sufwaan074 You have just inspired US.


Thanks All my Fiverr Fellows @dybe_jobs @srbhanja @djgodknows @jelsinardaooo @discourse1 :heart_eyes:


Alhamdulilah, may you see more success inshaAllah, keep the good work.


Congratulations! It’s very exciting when you are successful here on Fiverr. You are obviously doing something right!


Congratulations on achieving this milestone.
I have seen you are providing variety of services.
I am amazed to see one of your gig where you are offering 60 Users 10 star rating on IMDB with real user and real accounts through email marketing. :hushed: It seems you are very strong in email marketing. I would love to work with you for some of my products.


Is it allowed to sell IMDB ratings?


I don’t know but he did, and its going good.


If it’s not allowed to sell them, it will only do good until he gets caught.


I don’t get what kind of service is that, buying followers and likes?? Are these people creating so many accounts on FB and other websites and click like or follow from each account for the buyer’s account? that is tedious and ridiculous thing to do, why would anyone buy likes or followers? They must be kids…


@abdulmoti It’s not at all tedious. There are many website which promise to deliver likes, followers and views etc.
addmefast, like4like, autoliker and so on…


I just check your profile, there are so many variety of your service. It’s amazing. Try to avoid providing Review/Rating/download type services. It’s now forbidden in Fiverr as it’s also banned in other reputed freelance marketplaces.



Keep it up


Oh dear. Bringing attention to your gigs that are not allowed on Fiverr was probably not a good idea.