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100 reviews received | No negative review | 100% ratings :) Wao 😍


Enjoying my Journey witth Fiverr!
Thank You Fiverr!


Good luck. Keep up your good work :grinning:
I Just completed 1081 and got all 5 stars . 100% profile Rate…


Great work! keep it up


Congrats Congrats Congrats


Congrats on reaching your milestone.


Congratulations! You’re a beauty who knows many languages fluently and can navigate a site like this where most of us get lost :penguin: All kinds of impressive! Btw do people from Pakistan sometimes learn Arabic? I know its not the same as Urdu. I’m just curious because I have lived in Tunisia for a bit and I got a little into the Arabic culture :blush: All the best and have a lovely day! :sunflower:


Congratulations! Well done! :tulip::cherry_blossom::hibiscus::sunflower::blossom:


Thank you so much… :grinning:


Congratulations dear!


Congratulations. Best wishes for your continued success! :slight_smile:


Fantastic :heart_eyes:


Thankyou so much, same to you :slight_smile:




great job! Here’s to the next 100!


Yeah, there are several Language centers here who teach Arabic but the People mostly like to learn English, chinese, Spanish and Few other European Languages.


Yeah,kids here 1st go to madarsa (Islamic institute) to learn Quran Kareem which is in Arabic. And then they go to schools.


I think everyone should try to learn Arabic, 22 + countries speak Arabic, learning languages is cool, I am learning French now and my next target is Chinese and Amharic. It is a beautiful hobby to learn others’ languages and cultures, it makes you very open minded and appreciate humanity.


Great work my friend.


Arabic is a very difficult language to learn. Every sound they use with every letter are sounds I had never heard until I heard them and they don’t use the mouth much for talking but they use the part of their throat so its really difficult for me :joy: But I also think its a very cool language to learn because its one of the oldest ones!

But I realize we are getting off topic now :blush:


Yes, we are getting off the topic, but just one last thing, Arabic is not really that difficult, it is semantic language, like Hebrew, and Amharic. Actually, it is easier to learn how to write Arabic than how to speak but nothing is impossible if the motivation is there, :slight_smile: