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100 Reviews.........with $4500


Hello ALL

I want share my fiverr experince. I complete more then 100 hundred jobs with hundred 5 stars with $4500 only in 3 months.


Wow. That’s impressive for me. Hope that you will keep up in the future with that great stats, and that one day - I could said something like you now :slight_smile:


Congrats :grinning:




congrats and cheer up for fiverr community :grinning:


Congrats, but how much is the total refund?


Only $195 refund.
Thanks for all.


An eye catching, memorable, and statistically unlikely proportion of your reviews compliment your “eye catching and memorable” designs.


The same buyer says roughly the same thing, that’s all - I think


Nice work! Keep it up!


And what do you mean by that?


Congratulations. Best wishes for your success! :slight_smile:


Wow!. Very Inspiration! Best wishes for your success! :slight_smile:


Wow!. Very Inspiration! Best wishes for your success!

which category do you work?


It was a response to:

which suggested that the OP has multiple reviews that say very similar things and so it looks odd.

was pointing out that the same buyer said those things, so it is not odd.


I do not know why everything seems suspicious to people. I mean not everybody is a liar here.


Thats great. Conragtz …!!!


You’re right. It was only 2 different people who said the same thing, and one said it twice. It jumps out, but it doesn’t mean something is suspicious.


Yeah it would be really nice if you just wished him rather then pointing out something suspicious. There is no CSI going on here. Why not just celebrate his success with him, rather then spoiling it and giving chance to others to raise their brows as well.

Plus the review ( I guess) you are talking about has used the tag line of his gig. What if I have a gig with a tag line " killer videos" and somebody review me " it was a killer video" would that make it suspicious.

There is already a lot of negativity out there. We need some positivity.


I am new here but working other website from more then 10 year.
I join in 2015 but start work in November 2016.

I am TOP rated designer on other websites.
and also working on fiverr with full honesty.

One thing i want share with you all.
Ask your buyer for Good feedback and use the keywords of your GIG.
you can offer him extra work but ask for good review.
I hope you understand.