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100 years later sill no response

I’ve submitted my fiverr pro application a year and some months ago still no response.
that is ■■■■■■■ stupid.
I don’t expect to be accepted but I just want a response of some kind.

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You might get a rejection. Atleast no response will give some tiny hope atleast. Think that way. Otherwise create a ticket and CS about the status of it.


You can contact CS and ask them directly.


I thought Fiverr had enough pros and were not accepting anymore applications? :thinking: At least I think @frank_d said that.

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Well it depends on the vertical.

Some categories are not accepting any new applications.

If that’s the case, your application is just stored for future use.

At least that was the official party line, pre-Covid.


But you have only been on Fiverr for one year and 2.5 months. :thinking:

However, I also have been told that Fiverr picks Pros that have a large social presence.

That’s not my issue, the issue is they have not even responded, I don’t care what they do with the application, I just want a response of some kind.