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1000 Reviews and still Level 2

I’ve finally achieved 1000 reviews (99.9% positive) but still stuck at Level 2. They really need to fix the ranking system because I think it is unfair.

Since anything above level 2 is by Fiverr staff personal selection, there are lots of level 2 sellers with good reviews who won’t be selected. I think it would be cool to have an automated level 2 (personal opinion) but I don’t think TRS choice is really unfair.

Being a TRS doesn’t change anything, just so you know. It’s just a badge. Keep doing what you’re doing and don’t worry about it so much.

It depends on your late percentage, your cancellations, your sales volume, and some other things that are not things we are told about. I had more than 1000 positive reviews when I became a TRS and felt for a long time that I deserved it before I got it.

If you are making money why worry. Just be thankful that Fiverr is working for you and keep going. It could come any day.

Keep going brother . I have seen some profiles who have more than 30k reviews but still Level 2 . So updation of levels do not depend on reviews there are so many factors . You can read on levels page …

Really. I thought that people trust TRS more than other levels!

:o 1000 Reviews and still Level 2?


You know @DinoStark? 65,000 reviews and level 2.

TRS is a big advantage, but I’m level 2 seller and I’m out-ranking several other TRS’s in both my parent- and my sub-categories.

Apparently, went the way of the dinosaurs, because his seller profile is no longer available:

I wonder why? That’s a lot of reviews to get banned!
I found his account here:

Apparently he had a gig removed where he created 5000 backlinks.

Oh, so there he is.

Yeah, I don’t know what to say. +40k reviews, and still not a top-rated seller? shrugs He must have some skeletons in his customer service closet.

There is an advantage to being TRS. For one thing, the payments clear after 7 days instead of 14 days. That alone is worth it.

I figured with this new updated ranking system that I would be TRS, since I met all the requirements for it. But still, I’m at Level 2.