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10000 Orders but 5 Star Seller How?


Hello Guys I just want to ask A question How seller did not get Less then 5 Star after 10,000 Orders.


Because they work hard day and night that is why they have 5 stars reviews. you can also get 5 stars from 10,000 clients if you make them happy.

  1. That’s the most obvious, providing quality work.
  2. Less obvious: Not being desperate for orders and money. If I see someone is acting weird and negative, I dismiss them. I don’t care if they pay me $500.
  3. No problems with modifications. Always had a common ground with buyers in the end.
  4. There’s always gonna be that 1 person out of 1000 who will dislike what you made, even if you’re really good at something. Once again, not being hungry for the money - I rather cancell the order and give back the money, than receive “ok” rating that is 3 or 4 stars.