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100k impressions in the last 30 days

one of my gigs just reached 100k impressions in the last 30 days! when I started I got excited when a gig reached 10k impressions, I could never think I would get to 100k on one single gig, although I only received 17 orders on that gig in the past 30 days so maybe a little low considering the number of impressions, but still it’s a good achievement :stuck_out_tongue:

Which gig was it? That’s a lot!

not sure if we are allowed to post links here? it’s the one of the video in piccadilly circus where I put your content in the screen of the piccadilly circus advertising panel in london. It’s at the top of the “most rated” , that’s why I’m guessing I got so many impressions, yet only 17 orders though :slight_smile:

You have a great position there, number 6. I do think you should be getting a lot more sales so take the time to improve your gig. It’s a shame to waste that great position. Something about your gig is not selling as it should.