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100s gig Vs 1 perfect gig


My monthly income target is $1000 from fiverr

I know 100s works (like: creating websites, seo, photoshop work, data entries, drawing, fitness tips, weight lossing tips, online marketing, email promotion, and many more). May I upload all my services by making 1 GIG per 1 service… or need to focus on my best gig…

Please suggest me your best… I’m totally clueless in fiverr

thanks in advance


Reply to @madmoo:

Thanks a lot for your valuable suggestion.


From buyers perspective

I am looking for professionals, people specializing in some particular area. You can’t be good at everything. Choose one or two areas of your core competence and make your gigs related to.

If I need some SEO services I will choose someone with a number of submission gigs. Most likely I will not take someone who can film video, write poem, dance gangnam, program cpp and so on. I expect such seller to have average skills in everything, not the pro skills I am looking for.


Reply to @glowindia: That wont be right actually according to me.If you make one gig for all your services,you wont be able to show your different samples in that gig.But if you providing only one service then you can go focusing one only one gig but not if you going to provide multiple services on fiverr.


Reply to @madmoo: I absolutely agree with what you say. I just added my 5cents, since I am not the seller and I see fiverr from my buyers point of view and I think sharing it might be helpful to glowindia.


May be one day. At present I have a lot of work to do wearing the buyers hat :slight_smile:


Thanks all for valuable suggestions

kornilov said: May be one day. At present I have a lot of work to do wearing the buyers hat :)

I just got and delivered an order for you. Thank you for the trust. I can attest, since my gig requires I know about people's businesses. We want this person out there focused on the core business and not necessarily off on fiverr right now.

While not quite " the cure for cancer " ... it's good stuff.


Don’t upload all those gigs at once. Pace yourself. You may become overwhelmed. Fiverr does that to sellers?


That is a great goal and as @hotwebideas stated pace yourself, you don’t want to overwhelm yourself, test the water with one or two gigs and go from there


Reply to @hotwebideas: Ok… I will upload them 1 by 1



2nd month I earn upto 1000 USD from fiverr with just 1 GIG


Reply to @arnevb: Thanks you sir


Reply to @glowindia: Congrats Man, You are a inspiration !!! =D> =D> =D>


This is really encouraging. I had a really successful gig and it was deactivated because the TOS restrictions were being violated and I wasn’t aware I was doing that. Anyway, I had a ton of great feedback and received my Level 2 status from it and I am so grateful but since the gig went south, I haven’t had a single order on any of my other gigs.

It is really frustrating and I am feeling pretty blue today about the lost income.

This story is nice to read.



Reply to @horusthecat: Contact customer care maybe they solve your issue