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100s of unknown 5*s - Some Bug in Fiverr Website Today!

I’m getting money and unknown score from different sources in my profile, what’s happening? Can someone help? Is this real? My profile is getting rich and richer…

It’s a Bug , I was reading your messages and Notifications, It might be possible you are getting our Money

Yes send it back to the real owners.

It’s just virtual not in my balance.

Its fixed now


God gift :slight_smile:

It was a bug . Fiverr is experimenting with the search algorithm now a days .Trying to add a feature called " Ad space for gigs " may be that is due to that. Its just my observation which i wanted to share with you people only Fiverr knows the reality whats going on :slight_smile:

So they are well aware of these things . Its not easy to manage 4 million gigs and searching algorithm and being developer i know that its very hard to bring new change or feature in the existing website or system so, m sure they will fix it every problem soon :slight_smile:

I see, now its fixed!