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10th June 2021 Solar Eclipse

So, this is surely a non-Fiverr related discussion :slight_smile:

Today if you’re far enough north you’ll be able to see an annular eclipse.
Living in Italy, I watched it online. Are you going to do the same or maybe you’ll catch it live?


Hi alphagev. Watching an eclipse is so fascinating. I’ll try to check it out on the news.

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There was a chance of slight rain here in Karachi so it was mostly cloudy.

So the only way I knew a solar eclipse was happening was the twitter trend.


Bah, nothing from India :weary:

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Check out the NASA site, maybe they still have a video of the eclipse

I saw it on youtube :smiley:



Thank you for sharing :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Thank you for shearing this