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11 OldSchool Tips Sale Gigs To Fiverr Seller

Tips From Buyer To Seller

  1. Full your profile. Your real picture face. Tell all your experience. What is your qualification, cetificate. How long you do your skill. How many customer u have.

Tell people who u are?

  1. Title related to spesific skill

Example mistake: “I will do great design for u”

This title is general

What design?

Better specify title:

“I will design logo for your company”

“I will design logo banner for website”

“I will design cosmetics box for commersial”

“I will design bottle for your commersial energy drink”

“I will do 3d design from your 2d picture using AutoCAD”

Note: Do not use formal title. Use talk title. Like u talk with your customer infront u.

  1. Do not put random picture. Put your result working picture.

If u already design before with 10 customer. Show your 10 last result customer picture.

  1. ‎Give option level category


Basic Design : $ 5 Black and white design.

Advanced Design: $ 50 Colour design.

Pro Design: $ 100 Colour with background.

  1. ‎Add more skill @ gigs. Everybody have pro skill or expert any skill. Show all your skill. Sell ebook.

If u are beginner no skill, learn to be expert.

  1. ‎Tag all keyword related your skill not more than 5.

Do keyword research at Google Keyword Planner

Example tag: design, logo, banner, commercial, company,

Warning: Do not put tag not related to your skill. U will loss customer time.

  1. Advertising. Tell everybody u are expert skill.
  • Advertise at Facebook advertising group.
  • ‎Make friend 50 friend facebook daily.
  • ‎All advertising web
  • ‎Go to forum advertising
  • ‎Make Google Personal Blog add skill and result.
  • ‎Tell all your friend your skill. If they like, promote them to make payment at fiverr.

Note: Try to advertise to 3,000 people daily.

“Show more result. Customer like result.” - Nik Saiful Bahri

Script #1:
Hi uollz,

Script #2:
Can i show my skill bla bla bla

Script #3:
This is the link http

Note: Do not direct advertising. Make friend first.

  1. ‎Do not always online. For beginner is ok. Fiverr is freelance skill job. Just look massage 1x a day is ok. We cannot waiting so long freelance job. This is bonus job. We need to work full time everyday.

  2. ‎Always reply massage. Do not silent if u don’t like customer massage. Try to undestand customer talk. Sometime customer ask question very general. Answer with specify answer and optional answer.


Customer: “I like to design”
Seller: “We have 3 option design: 1. Logo design 2. Banner design 3. 3d design. Which one u like?”

“Give option” - Nik Saiful Bahri

  1. ‎Follow up customer if they silent after one week after they ask question. Ask what they want???

“One week already… may i know what u want? I will find for u.”

Most customer will reply with problem. Like survey.

“U will know what is customer problem.” - Nik Saiful Bahri

This is your time to upgrade and improve your skill.

  1. ‎Say thank you + Up sell. After customer buy, after one week say thank you to your customer with link 2nd product or skill u have. At least they know u have many skill.

“Sometime u must be unique.” - Nik Saiful Bahri

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good idea, I have go thrown you idea, it is good to grow fast

A lot of bad advice, just know he no longer has an account on Fiverr for whatever reason.

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